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POSH HAIRTUNE BARBERING SUPPLIES started in 1992 as a barbering shop by name posh hair tune barbers. Situated at Accra main post office behind Gokals Ltd.

After a year of operation, we discovered that purchases of barbering tools & accessories in Ghana was difficult and one needs to travel to Lagos Nigeria for purchases of clipper & accessories. This attracted us to this business. A showcase was created in the barbershop and we started selling clippers and accessories to barbers and customers alike. In 2006 the showcase created for this purpose was becoming too small and that prompted us to acquire a shop at circle, Tip Toe Lane to expand this particular business whiles the barbershop was still in operation at Accra main post office.

Our movement to circle allowed us to delve into varieties of barbering equipment & accessories such as Barber Chair, Foot Spa. Clippers etc. At the moment we sell up to 140 different items and our shop serves as one-stop for barbers nationwide. All our purchases are done from China, the UK, United States of America and Nigeria. We also buy locally manufactured Rubbing Alcohol. We retail and also do bulk supplies to starter salons.

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Tip Toe Lane, Near ODO Rise, Circle, Accra,

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Monday-Saturday 8.00am - 5.00pm